Exhibitions and Workshop news.

Two Invitations to two interesting and quirky exhibitions that I think you will enjoy.

I would like to invite you to two exhibitions I am in that are coming soon. I have attached information for both Red Gallery 's Paperlicious exhibition and Lord Coconut's Vitriform exhibition.

I have several artworks in Paperlicious at Red Gallery and would love to see you there at the opening on Wednesday 24th July 6-8pm.



EXHIBITION OPENING: 5:30pm - 7:30pm 8 August 2019
EXHIBITION: 8 August 2019 - 24 August 2019

Vitroform is a visual arts collaboration between Art Aviso, Lord Coconut and 20 plus visuals artists re-imagining vintage soviet era glass test tubes reflecting their individual artistic practices.

Art Aviso Artists were supplied with a single, vintage glass, hand blown test tube from the USSR and invited to create a freestanding artwork using the test tube. Artists were encouraged to use the opportunity to potentially step outside of their usual art practice and use elements of play and experimentation in the process of producing a finished art piece.

About Lord Coconut:

Stocking over 600 individual jewellery pieces and representing over 40 Melbourne and interstate jewellers, artisans and designers, the undeniably unique Lord Coconut is Melbourne, Australia’s only retailer, gallery, and online boutique selling contemporary jewellery designed with men in mind.


Lord Coconut specialise in: Cufflinks, Rings, Wedding Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets/Cuffs, Brooches, Lapel Pins and Tie Bars and also runs 7 – 8 in-store exhibitions (jewellery and visual arts) throughout the year which are usually linked to larger festivals such as Midsumma, Seniors Festival, Melbourne fashion week, Fringe Festival, Craft Cubed and the like.


 Red Gallery

Opening hours:

Thursday to Friday 12:00pm – 6:00pm, Saturday to Sunday 12:00pm – 5:00pm


157 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North, Victoria, 3068

24 July – 11 August: Paperlicious – Works On Paper

Opening Night Drinks Wednesday 24th July, 6-8pm

The wrapping that gets in your mouth. Is it edible? Is it paperlicious?

Vulnerable, organic, hand-made or industrial, culturally sensitive; works on paper, in all their inventiveness and rich variety, demand close scrutiny and reinvigorate the original in a world of simulation, replicas and screen over-saturation.

An outmoded office tech, housing for architects, flammable evidence, packaging for consumption. As one of the oldest art-making tools, paper is all this and more.

red gallery presents:

Aly Atkin, Anne Forwood, Anne Warren, Cathy Muhling, Craig Daniels, Debbie Mourtzios, Dierdre Pearce, Elise Pahlow, Gwen Scott, Gordon Monro, Helen Kocis Edwards, Lincoln Glover, Luke Duncan King, Maria Petrova, Margot Petrova, Marie Watt, John Hinds, Melanie Lazarow, Paul Compton, Rosalind Pach, Sally D’Orsogna, Tania Matilda, Thalia Robertson, Voula Therios, William Kosky

The weird and the wonderful are strongly encouraged.



I have a regular artist that attends Thursday class that is off travelling for a few weeks so the following dates are available for a workshop in collage or painting still life or abstract, with only one or two other people.

I have Thursday 9.30am to 12.30pm, July 18th, July 25th and or August 1st 2019. Three dates are available and classes are $50 for 3 hours. Come for one only if you wish but please book through the contact details on this website https://www.annewarrenart.com/

Thanks everyone for your support.

red hat.jpg

Exhibitions at Red Gallery and Lord Coconut

In July I will be exhibiting at Red Gallery in North Fitzroy with a group (unknown to me) exhibition called Paperlicious. Not sure yet how many pieces but around 6-8 I would think. The work will be surreal hybrids, dadaesque in style, on Arches or Fabriano 300gsm paper. Some works framed and others unframed. Will post the invitation when it is available.

A fun exhibition is also coming up at Lord Coconut where we all had to make a small artwork incorporating a vintage test tube. Will let you know when that is on as well.

My website now has a Shop for sales of some selected art works. Send me a message if you need any further information about any postings.

Please let me know if you would like to know anything about my art practice.

Hope if you are in Melbourne you are keeping warm.

I’ll be in touch.

Anne Warren

Custom Made Cards for exciting new Australian made gift parcel business Gertrude + Smith launching 1st July. Gorgeous curated products from all over Australia.     https://www.instagram.com/gertrudeandsmith/

Custom Made Cards for exciting new Australian made gift parcel business Gertrude + Smith launching 1st July. Gorgeous curated products from all over Australia.


Motor Neurone Disease Art Exhibition Fundraiser

We had a terrific art exhibition at my house/studio last week. We raised $2200 from our beautiful neighbours, family, friends and of course from the generosity of our Artists. We had two gorgeous cheese platters, cupcakes, rock cakes, tea and coffee. I didn’t have a moment to offer anyone a cup of tea so it was so nice to see everyone helping each other by offering food and drinks. There is no cure yet for MND so money raised will go to MND Victoria to help with care and information for those that are afflicted. Here are a few images of the artworks donated.

mnd studio.jpg
mndfionas sisiphus small.jpg

Hello it's cold.

Nearly Winter in Melbourne Australia but I suppose we shouldn’t complain because we don’t get so cold that it snows. Hope if you are nearby that you are keeping warm and that if you are in the Northern hemisphere that you are getting some sunshine.

I am preparing for a small fundraising exhibition here in Alphington. One of our beautiful artists has Motor Neuron Disease so we are fundraising for MND Victoria. They are only partly government funded so they need public support in order to assist those with MND and their families to cope.

The artwork generously provided is by the artists that come here for classes, myself and by kind artist friends that are also donating. As the event is in my home it is by invitation only (just let me know if you would like to be included).

I’ll post a few pictures of some of the work.

Erica’s drawn and watercoloured painting on Arches paper.

Erica’s drawn and watercoloured painting on Arches paper.

Fiona’s Eye of the Storm, acrylic on canvas painting.

Fiona’s Eye of the Storm, acrylic on canvas painting.

fionas pink flowers.jpg

I have a new store to show and hopefully sell on-line.

I have spent the day photographing and placing artwork on a new on-line art selling site that I hope will reach some people. It is just something new I thought I would try with the encouragement of a new instagram friend that has had some success.

Please visit my new store https://annewarrenart.bigcartel.com/ . It is not very glamorous or flashy but I think the artwork is shown off quite well. More improvements to be made for sure. I have kept the prices very low just to see how I go. I need traffic.

paper madonna front.jpg

From when I studied at RMIT BA, Drawing.

It has been wonderful going through my life drawing folio and finding some treasures and some trash. This image I would consider a treasure but I can assure you some of them and now in the trash. These were probably warm up drawings of maybe five minutes or so each. I used a pencil on pretty ordinary butchers paper.

Anne Warren Life Drawing

Anne Warren Life Drawing

International Women's Day for me.

In my heart I didn’t miss it, with my work sadly I didn’t exhibit specifically for 2019 International Women’s Day however I have recently had some strong ideas regarding new work to do with women. In the new work I would like to show the different ages, careers, ethnicities and histories. Yet to formulate exactly how that will appear on paper but am thinking about it alot and have taken up life drawing again.

I hope in the future work I make to show women with quirks that are unexpected hybrids of what you might expect. I hope in the future that I too will be called a quirky unexpected hybrid, maybe I am one now.

Just came back from beautiful Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia. Please look it up if you are from overseas. It’s so beautiful and loved by hippies of all ages. Yesterday they had a nude bike ride through the main street. The night before I saw whole families dressed and painted like Frida Kahlo (men too). Anything goes in Byron.

In lace up boots.

In lace up boots.

Byron Bay in NSW

Byron Bay in NSW

Student / Artist work made this week in my studio.

Here are the works of three of the artists that come to workshops with me here in Alphington.

First is Helen Meikle. Helen did workshops with me in painting still-life and then she spent a fabulous year at the wonderful NCAT to study all types of Visual Art. Ask me and I will tell you more about this 12 month course that several people from my studio have gone on to. Helen’s work is an abstract acrylic and pastel painting on canvas in warm colours.

Jan Wright has been a regular over a number of years. Jan has painted this abstract as a commission for a woman she recently met. Jan is well known for her still life with lemons and jug (I think she has had about 6 requests for it).

Galia Hardy is another regular that has participated in Februllage on Instagram with this witty strong hybrid machine and body creature. Galia is also a painter but does like to make collage/mixed media work and is up for making surreal images (just my thing). Have a look at her last two postings on instagram hardygalia (I don’t think it is private).

helens ochre abstract.jpg
jans blue pink abstract.jpg
galias collage machine.jpg