New exciting exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne with ArtAviso.

On Friday night 6-8 (Open from April 2-7) I will be in an exciting group exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery at Jane Bell Lane in the QV centre in the city.  A little info about the group below.


Art Aviso was designed and developed in Australia with input from Artists, Gallerists, Collectors and Developers to reach and benefit a worldwide audience. We wanted to create a resource that would be advantageous for all of the elements that make the art world tick – Artists, Galleries/Art Institutions and the Art audience. A way to connect people through Art and draw them out, away from their screens to see events and exhibitions in the real world. A space to build a supportive art community, find opportunities and instigate active participation in the wider art community.We chose the name Art Aviso to illustrate the use of our online platform to merge the digital appreciation and consumption of art with active participation in real world art, galleries and events.

It’s a great exhibition with lots of wonderful artists showing their work for only a short period being April 2-7th.

M Fish Love.jpg
Black and white and yellow.jpg

Fish love is 3d found images and Black white and yellow is made up from painted, acrylic and ink abstract images made and then assembled by me.