It's Spring in Australia

The exhibition held at Red Gallery was a fabulous one full of such diverse works on paper. I sold several pieces which was fabulous and I also purchased a 3D collage work called Sinker by Paul Compton. Paul was an art student when I was at RMIT and I have always loved the diversity in his art. Always a bit surreal which I love.

Having made a series of four large digital works to a theme is quite unusual for me as I usually work in a more instinctive way. I made these four limited edition digital images under the title Visible Invisible. Don’t you sometimes feel that you are invisible to other people?

I recently was commissioned to make something for a beautiful new renovated dining room and happened to show the client these works which were under wraps as I have not yet exhibited them. The client loved them and decided to take them all which was an enormous thrill for me.

If you are on instagram please look me up as I am making some fun stop motion animations that people are enjoying according to the comments I am getting. Execution is pretty ordinary, bad lighting, bad continuity, badly tilted camera. I love putting together strange sound/music to the stop motion pieces just to add a further surreal element. I have been told several times that they are very like the stop motion bits on Monty Python. I hope you will have a look and send me a comment.

Happy Spring.