Exhibition at Tuggeranong in Canberra coming soon.

It's almost here.  Thursday 4th of October at 6pm if you are anywhere near Tuggeranong in Canberra please come by, say hello, have a glass of wine and you will see what I have been working on for my exhibition Mergence.

If you have an interest in mixed media or collage you will see I have a workshop on Saturday 27th October for beginners and or experienced artists using the collage methods I use.

Mergence gallery invite2.jpg

Abstract Mixed Media Collage

Explored shapes and colours in a new series of collage mixed media.  I was tempted to add a representational image but reminded myself that this series is a little different and so decided to stay free.  

abstract collage wall piece.jpg
Collage, Painting, Cutouts by Anne Warren Melbourne Artist

M Collection Exhibition

M Collection Totem tower and eyes.jpg
Anne Warren Artist

Just a few weeks ago I was invited to see the entire M Collection at Menzies Art Rooms in South Yarra.  As my work Totem was chosen as part of the collection I was thrilled to go along and see all the work together.  Totem was a series of 6 collage works that incorporated elements of animal, man made and nature as interuptions that blended together to make brand new images.   

Totem Coat and Plants.jpg