Collage in my Backyard

I hope to post some wonderful photos of work being made during our Collage in my backyard workshop tomorrow. We will be using watercolours, pastels, acrylic paint and ink to prepare supports for our collage. Just as I approach collage with a blank page I will also approach the group in the same way. I am considering making a small animation of works being made by the group. We will see what happens.

Really looking forward to seeing the results.

upper torso.jpg

Melbourne late in December

Melbourne in Summertime. People everywhere after a sale or just a visit to the City. I am a Melbourne person but do not get into town as often as I would like so I really loved it yesterday. The green foamy stuff at the top of the building is part of my University, RMIT. Bourke Street is really central and has the two Department stores, Myer and David Jones side by side. The older red brick building was to show you how Melbourne has lots of the old and the new almost side by side. Hope for those that are not in Melbourne you can see something you may not have known. Galleries everywhere and in every direction but yesterday was not a gallery visit day. Have a wonderful New Year everyone.


Christmas Break starts today.

Just had our last two workshops for 2018.

Thank you to the wonderful people that have been coming to workshops throughout 2018, some new and others that have been coming here for more than three years. I love that you are exploring different ways of making art, I love that most of you have beautiful voices and will break into song at the trigger of a word, love that we all laugh and share stories with each other. It has been so much fun.

You scare me when you come here with plans to do ambitious portraits and shock me when you want to paint an abstract expressionist work. You challenge me and exhaust me as I also learn alongside you.

We had morning and afternoon tea Christmas breakup with cakes, chocolates, biscuits, cheese, trifles, cherries and more. Delicious and thank you everyone.